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Top 5 criteria when evaluating call scheduling software.

describe the imageEvery medical practice is unique.  Because of this your needs are unique.  Affordable software is not unique.  There are 2 stages to evaluating software:  First consider the most important items when evaluating a new system.    Here are some of my suggestions on top things to consider when talking to your future partner:
  1. How different will your new process be compared to your old process?  This about creating, maintaining and publishing.  Will your new partner document your new process for you to use the next time you create a schedule?
  2. How long will it take to get you up and running using your new call scheduling program?  An average group will spend 4-6 hours making a transition from paper to a web-based system.  Do you have the time to make this commitment?
  3. How easy is the interface to understand, navigate and use?  A good software company that understands it customers and they work that they are trying to accomplish will have spend time making sure that what you see is easy and intuitive to use. 
  4. What type of training and support is offered to not only get you up and running, but to support you in the future?  Is there an extra cost associated with training and support?  I believe that a good company will offer you unlimited training and support, whatever it takes to get you to understand and use the program.
  5. What is the term they are asking you to commit to?  How risky is that within your organization?  The online software industry has been making the move from annual contracts to Software as a Service (SAAS) model for years; this is a monthly pay as you go model.  There are two main benefits to this model for the customer, (1) low risk and (2) the company must continue to prove its value to you.

The second items to consider are the results.  Software that uses rules and complex algorithms to create something that is subjective to an influential user in the end will most definitely require a trial before you buy, this is to ensure that your results are satisfactory for your doctors before you move forward. 

Be sure that steps 1-5 are in check before you begin a trial.

Choose what works best for you and your doctors.



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